What To Do When Your Past Creates Undesirable Future?

Blessed are those who recognize how their past is influencing their lives and take action to change. The problem with most people is that they allow themselves to continue on autopilot, thinking that bad behaviors, thoughts and mental programs from the past is concrete and unchangeable.

Many of us continue to successfully fail many aspects of living. Some fail marriages one after the other, some cannot hold a decent job, and others manifesting so many health issues that are stress-related.

When you reach the point of asking, “Why I am the way I am?” your are much closer to finding resolutions to your issues compared to those who spend their whole lives just wondering.

Personal development is a commitment and there is a lot of work involved to achieve and sustain the desired change. Accepting that most of our life issues are past-related allows us to positively approach the future.

But hardly do we accept life that way, instead we discard the power of memories and their huge influence in our behavior, decisions, and the very core of how we produce the quality of life we live.

Your Past is Present – Yes or No?

This is very obvious in the plethora of issues resulting from traumatic experiences. Little do we consider that even an event is not “traumatic” as we may remember it, it can also influence our behavior and is always present.

Present in our current experience does not mean you are having flashbacks. You may not even remember an event at the level of how it influences your “now.” If we shift our focus on our subconscious mind, we’d come to understand that so much of our decisions are actually from memories stored in it.

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The mind is programmed to utilize memories from the past to form reactions and responses to just about anything. And the speed of processing this information is faster than the blinking of an eye. Because of this, the conscious mind may not even be aware of which memory was utilized to signal the brain and body to react in a certain way.

Since the process is so complex, in this short post we can only agree to the fact that often, memories holding the highest emotional value will definitely be used by the mind as basis of these reactions and responses. Our conscious choices are subconsciously influenced, this is a fact.

Consider Ways to Heal

Healing is often-overlooked because of the idea we each hold that there is no reason for it. That we are well since our past cannot harm us. Memories that creates problems are insidious in nature. They are deceitful because they can have you convinced that they are a part of your identity which makes it difficult to even consider getting rid of.

There are many ways to heal. A process that I use and highly recommend is Eutaptics. A healing system designed to reimprint memories and collapse the structure of problems from within the subconscious.

I help people mute their triggers that are neurologically embedded in their brains. As I work with a client I guide them into further understanding of how they can collapse the memories and the structured triggers along with it. It is a way of reimprinting these memories to no longer produce similar problematic responses.

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The fight, flight and freeze response has a purpose and it’s a unique programming from one individual to another. It is important to shift our focus on the memories activating stress response. An intelligent application of memory reimprinting process can create a future response that is independent from the past.

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