The Unpleasant Memory Mystery: Overcoming Life Obstacles

If you are excited about life and how you want your life to be, it is indeed an awesome start. However, we all know that it isn’t all you need. The truth is, excitement is often very soon overshadowed by the seemingly uncontrollable things that goes on in our minds. 

One moment we are super excited and positive about the future, the next we feel limited and consider our dreams and aspirations as imaginings without substance.

Limiting and toxic beliefs are the main producers of our life obstacles.

Roadblocks. Indeed, indeed it is easy to give in to roadblocks. But what if you change your perspective about them?

You see, some people see obstacles as puzzles to solve and have in mind that it CAN be solved. Some, consider problems as the universe’s ploy to destroy them. They consider problems to be threats and not simple episodes in life that is full of knowledge to potentially grow from.

The Road Towards Achieving Success

The road towards achieving success is filled with challenges. As mentioned earlier you can change your perspective about these roadblocks. How? That requires you to map your mind and discover unpleasant memories that fuels your limiting and toxic beliefs.

Easier said than done, for our memories are masked as an integral part of our identities. That they are concrete and unchangeable. But if try to learn and understand the nature of memories, you will discover they are not as solid and concrete. In fact, inaccurate and changeable in nature.

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Your unpleasant memory, although not brought to your full conscious awareness have the power to create your life, for it is the basis of your mindsets and behaviors.

Changing Unpleasant Memories

The time of creation of any memory is impossible to be actualized to be changed in its progression. For what is done, is done.

Nonetheless, all unpleasant memories powering our negative mindsets are but slaves to their significance.

In other words, if the mind holds a particular memory as significant, it will affect how you make decisions, and ultimately your response to almost everything in life.

Changing unpleasant memories means changing the function of a memory by diffusing its significance. But not completely forgetting or removing a memory from ever existing.

For example, you were taught to fear success. This can happen in many ways and sometimes those who taught us are not even aware of what they are doing. Perhaps your parents held unpleasant ideas about success that were passed on to you through actions and words. You may have grown up craving for success but unable to progress in your set of goals.

This is because subconsciously your mind is programmed to fear success by a significant memory that has been imprinted from childhood.

You may then face multitude of problems in life that you may seem unable to solve. Sometimes most of these problems don’t make total sense as to why they exist repeatedly in your life whereas not experienced by those you know.

This is because you create those problems. Subconsciously, you do. But it is fact truly difficult to admit.

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We entertain problems because they match with a significant unpleasant memory that our mindsets cling onto. A perfect recipe to create the reality based on our negative assumptions and multiple cognitive biases we have been used to value.

Every unpleasant memory holds the mystery as to why we see life either in color or black and white. Our unpleasant memory about each subject in life supports every toxic mindset we are actively tapped into.

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Begin manifesting the life you have always wanted.

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