Understanding that Self-confidence is Memory Related

The relationship between memories and self-confidence is sometimes difficult to grasp. But more often than not, the relationship is obvious.

Mastering how our mind utilizes memories can help us greatly in building self-confidence that may lead us to happiness and success.

1. Past Mistakes Creates Projected Fear

We go about on our daily routines bound in fear because of our past mistakes. Often the fears are as inaccurate as the memories the mind utilizes.

One may argue the previous statement. But as I have mentioned in my previous posts about cognitive bias, we often function this way by default.

Any question in life that we seem to be unable to understand will cause us to fear an outcome that is imagined based on “proof” of a previous mistake. Our self-confidence becomes greatly affected causing us to shy away from possibilities or never at all try.

In other words, we are fixated on memories that make us constantly feel like a failure.

Reimprinting memories causing this fixation can help in collapsing mindsets based on fear producing low-confidence behaviors.

Visualization is a great technique that can help us project a future powered by hope. However, it may not provide lasting or effective results. Visualization without first getting rid of bad memories will not be as effective.

FEAR acronym concept of bravery choice in life

2. Mindsets Free of Guilt, Embarrassment and Stupidity

Our mindsets create the reality we live in. It is the foundation of our behaviors and even the key to motivation and purpose.

If we actively select mindsets that are focused on success and happiness, we change our lives.

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But that is hardly the case, our mindsets are tricky and is built based on the interdependence of memories holding intense emotions. Our past painful experiences from childhood to early adult life created the subconscious blocks hindering positive self-confidence.

Unaware, we think we are simply created to not be as confident as the rest of the world. In reality, we are equally great as the rest, it is just that our mindsets are not focused in the right direction.

Build better mindsets by identifying the subconscious blocks that holds you back.

3. Confident People Confidently Fails

There is nothing certain in life. But true self-mastery implies that we can be certain of how our minds produce the quality of life we live. Confident people have mastered the skill of failing, it does not mean they are living lives free of mistakes, that is impossible!

However, confidence can lead us to shift our focus to try new approaches that will possibly lead us to success and happiness.

You cannot win without having to first fail or without making consecutive mistakes. Nonetheless, how these mistakes are being imprinted in your subconscious does not have to be powered by intense emotions. If they are, you are guaranteed that the mind will use it in building your mindsets.

Solution to Low Self-Confidence

Rewrite or reimprint memories that makes you feel less. Bad memories are similar to disruptive connections within the mind shaping your mindsets. Bad memories can be reimprinted through a gentle and effective system, how?

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