The Worldwide Quest for Work-Life Balance: A Possible Solution

The birth of the term work-life balance must be due to the increasing demands of many people seeking happiness. It is a beautiful concept but many tips out there simply doesn’t answer the issue and some simply doesn’t make any sense (IMO).

I put a bit of a thought before writing and publishing this because I find the work-life balance topic to be overly marketed. Given, I wish to not ride any type of hype on the internet that might only result to waste both mine and my readers’ time. But it is also unacceptable to be silent and not pitch in my knowledge on a topic that is sought after by people who need my help.

Here are two things I think we can all agree upon about work-life balance:

1. To manage your schedule to equally distribute your time on both personal and work activities does not solve the issue. There will be feelings of this being unrealistic and unrewarding.

2. Work-life balance does not come from a single mold. We live different lives and have different priorities. Your balance is not the balance sought by the person next to you.

It is important that work-life balance is tackled individually. For the possibility of arriving to a resolution is finding only one thing:

“What causes the imbalance?”

The main component of an issue influencing our behaviors that then produce the quality of our lives requires introspection. We cannot change the world we live in and any form of imbalance in life will never be resolved without utilizing our mental resources. For the nature of our problems is mind-related.

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A person who is trying to work too much and has little time for personal activities could be experiencing a wide spectrum of issues that are:

1. Health issues due to stress.
2. A mindset that working hard will give them more money, an idea that material acquisition improves their self-value.
3. Using work to escape real life issues.
4. Low work performance and making mistakes.

...and many more.

This then leads me to a far more important issue: Memories

Your memories that had you convinced that work and success means giving up personal activities can truly cause imbalance among other vital aspects of living. Happiness and fulfillment can hardly be achieved by wrong drivers; money self-value, importancy and beliefs. In time, burnout is only one possibility.

This is also very true for many people who are at the other end of the spectrum, those who are not motivated to work. Their memories that creates unwillingness to perform well at work and would prefer to instead do personal activities are also questionable.
In other words, there is a great deal about the imbalance of work vs. life that relies upon experiential avoidance. Working too much is a result avoidance and can then have the mind convinced to depend on “work” to avoid facing issues. For those who have no work or does less work is the same, the feelings of not wanting to take action is also due to avoidance, they lack resilience to stress caused by work-related issues.

Imbalance Can Be Resolved by Changing Your Memories

Is it possible? Of course it is. Changing the function of memories that produce the feeling of imbalance resolves the issue. This is not changing your identity, or will it affect your work performance negatively. Changing the memory causing you to be maligned to genuine reality will only allow you to distribute more time to other aspects of living that are also vital in achieving and sustaining a happy life.

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We are convinced that finding the most sought after equilibrium between life and work will give us the fulfillment. While that remains true, one must also agree that balance is a mindset, that balance is only achieved through stress resilience and psychological flexibility. Your balance may be the imbalance of many people because there are predetermining factors in which the idea of balance stands upon a person’s life. If you want to truly achieve work-life balance, collapse your negative and toxic beliefs about work and life, then balance is guaranteed to naturally occur.

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