The Most Effective Technique to Achieve More in Less Time

Over the years, among the most frequent questions I get asked as a life coach is, “How do I achieve more in less time?”

The key to success is time. The idea of a “long road” to success is frightening for many people. No matter how many times the saying, “Enjoy the journey, not the destination,” is repeated, we live in the age where everyone expects everything instantly. Life seems so fast with a seal of guarantee that comes with.

This is very obvious on our daily lives, we want the fastest most reliable smartphone, fastest laptop, fastest internet, fastest learning, fast food with the fastest service. Everything needs to be served instantly.

We cannot blame the shift of our cultures, for we are the generation who witnessed the speed of inventions happening in a phase like never before. It is no wonder we expect success to be fast as well.

However, I would like to change the standpoint of the question. Instead I want you to ask,

“What makes achieving something very slow?”

Only when you find the definite answer to that can you shift the gears towards success at a speed that may not actually be faster in terms of common understanding of time. But having fun may narrow the gap on how you interpret the concept of time.

I am a very realistic life coach. I will not make you believe that you can achieve a million dollars in a week. There are prerequisites for any type of success to be achieved and sustained. What I assure my clients is that I will help them lay the strongest foundations in which they can build their achievements from. And it all begins with the mind...

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How Your Mind Creates the Idea of Success vs. Time

Imagine you and a very good friend of yours go to a great master who foresees the precise future. The great master told you both that you are to going to both be very wealthy in 10 years. The first questions that comes to your mind is, “Why in 10 years and not now? What Can I do to speed things up?”

On the other hand, your friend who received the same news came to think, “Wow, just 10 more years and I will be very wealthy!” Your friend is excited and you on the other hand diluted your own excitement in feelings of frustration due to time.

This phenomenon on forming varied responses and reactions happens due to holding different memories or imprints used by the mind. You and your friend may share many things in common but many of your personal perceptions and belief systems about life are so much different. Much like your fingerprints, our mental processes and mindsets are unique for every individual.

To make things shorter, simply that you are bound to beliefs that 10 years is a VERY long time. For other people you see successful, they don’t mind time.

I say, you can achieve more in less time, but unless we break the barriers causing you to feel negative about waiting, you will never feel successful and will never enjoy any bit of the way there.

Mindsets Focused on The Whys and Not the Hows

Why do you want to be successful? The answer you will find will grant you a meaningful journey in life. Whatever your answer is, will determine and validate the personal meaning of success for you.

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How do you become successful? The answers you will find will grant you a headache. It will make you feel that the road to success is not only long and winding but with thorns and monsters.

Makes a huge difference right? My life coaching programs are effective in terms that I do not work with things you don’t already have. We build the foundation for happiness, in order for me to help you with that, I first need to guide you on how to destroy toxic beliefs that you acquired since you were little. And of course, answer the question, “What makes achieving something very slow?” You will discover piles after piles of beliefs connected to how you learned life to be. Memories of how you were taught life is supposed to be. Imprints that forms limiting beliefs that slows you down and makes success impossible to foresee.

So what is the most effective technique to achieve more in less time?

Memory reimprinting. Find out how and changing your memory is the most effective technique that solves a lot of life issues that you face. I offer free consultation. Just use the form below! Ready to jump right in? Contact me to book a session.


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