How Your Subconscious Programming Influence Your Life Today

Your beliefs today are influenced or similar to your beliefs when you were a kid. You may or may not be aware of this, but it is a fact. Scientific researches say that our subconscious programming happened during ages of 0 to 7.

How we understand and believe money, love, success, happiness and simply how the world works are deeply rooted in the subconscious. Unless you have actively worked on changing your subconscious beliefs that may be limiting or toxic, they will run your life today.

Some may not subscribe to this fact and think that they are consciously living their lives according to their current choices. But in reality, it is impossible to function that way. For the mind requires subconscious programming as the basis or “proof” of how the world works in order to formulate a response.

Now this response may be celebration, danger or neutral. But whatever the response is, it has to be withdrawn from a reference.

Most people are unaware of the subconscious beliefs that resides at their core.

Truth is, 95% of who you are is based on your subconscious programming.

Subconscious: The Massive Storage of Memories

Similar to a computer, the subconscious is the powerhouse of virtually all the information you have gathered since the age of 0 until today. The mind is in non-stop storing and retrieving function. Unlike a computer though, there is hardly an “off” or hibernate button. This massive unlimited space has the capacity to function in many ways that are still unknown to science or conventional wisdom.

More than just a function of memory recall and storage, through your memories relies the blueprint of your habits, beliefs, learning abilities and psychological processes. Without these processes and ability of the subconscious, it is impossible to navigate the world with an identity.

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In short, the subconscious is far more powerful than it is given credit for.

Why are Childhood Subconscious Programming Long Lasting?

At the age of 0 to 7 years, our minds are like sponges, we are essentially in a “trance-like” state during these years and absorb everything around us at immense speed and vivid encoding.

Children are essentially in hyper-observation-mode about what the adults are doing, feeling and saying around them.

This is the only way in order for the mind to be shape properly the basis on how to navigate the world. The contingency of our current behaviors and beliefs can be traced back to subconscious programming, without falter.

The Primary Filters of Subconscious Blueprint


1. Words – Hear

Verbal programming occurred during the years when your mind is being shaped. All things you consistently heard during your early years where richly stored in your subconscious memory. When words are repeated enough times, the mind will store it intensely that you may think it is part of your identity.

2. Modeling – See

We learned how to navigate this world primarily through example. How the adults around you when you were growing up behaved and acted on different situations is your basis on how to navigate the reality of the world that you understand.

3. Major Events – Experience

The specific events you had when you were a kid growing up until early adulthood is the basis of how you understand survival and understanding of life and interactions. Specific experiences create impact on your learning process. Specific major experiences are stored memories that forms basis on how we understand or distort reality.

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Do Not Feel Hopeless – Changing Bad Memories is VERY Possible

Being upset about how you were raised that influenced your subconscious programming will not take you anywhere. You cannot blame the adults who raised you and how you were exposed to ideas and events that caused you to feel limited.

No one has a perfect childhood, early adulthood or life in general.

Bad, toxic or unpleasant memories of your childhood are a big part of you, but hardly does it have to define you! Remember, there is nothing that can permanently define you! It is possible to change your subconscious programming and get rid of your subconscious blocks that limits you from achieving your desired, love, money, success, health and happiness.

You can change your subconscious programming and reformat the way you understand and behave about life. But you have to be committed to personal development in order for things to happen.

Begin Changing Bad Memories

You cannot change the past but you can change the context of the past.

Doing so, you change the function of a particular memory and allow you to build new neural pathways that in turn will produce new reactions and responses.

Experiences cannot be changed for time has taught us that what’s done is done. But you can change how your mind understands and utilizes bad memories!

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