Eutaptics: The Way to Stop Repetitive Bad Memories

There are many bad experiences that seems to be difficult to forget. Repetitive bad memories caused by past experiences may cause many life issues. We can easily be consumed by a bad memory and affect the quality of life we produce.

Practicing mindfulness may help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress produced by repetitive bad memories. But many people require more, and if you are among the many who wish to really be free from bad memories and its negative effects in your life, you can do it.

Repetitive Bad Memories – What is it really?

Repetitive bad memories are encoded past events that your mind utilizes to form a response or reaction to just about anything. When you cannot stop thinking about a particular event, it means that your mind is actively using the memory.

Often, we cannot help it and it is a painstakingly long wait until the mind finds a way to reprogram and use a different neural pathway.

But you can hasten the process and allow your mind to produce a different way of thinking.

One that is free from repetitive bad memories.


The Power of Emotions

Come to think of it, any life event that does not hold emotions are barely remembered by an individual. Perhaps you may argue about the previous statement, but it is true. When you learned something from school or from life, you may consider remembering everything but in reality, excitement, anxiety and fear of failing are just some emotions that motivated their vivid encryption in your mind.

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And same is true when you are happy, joyful and blissful.

Memories carry emotions for it is what determines their significance. Meaning, a memory losing its significance will definitely lose their function on everyday life issues.

This is why it is often difficult to forget past relationships, because that activities done with another person becomes supercharged with emotions and any event that may remind us of it will definitely cause repetitive bad memories. Not always bad memories, but often, memories of loss and regrets.

Meaning, the only way to really stop repetitive bad memories is not simply to forget, for it is close to impossible to simply wipe the mind clean of an event. It is however learning how to lose a memory’s significance. For losing it will result in building new neural pathways that produce better behavior and mindsets.

What is Eutaptics and Memory Reimprinting?

Eutaptics is a system I use to heal people who are dealing with repetitive bad memories. It is a system that incorporates meridian tapping to train the body’s stress response when a particular negative memory is brought to awareness.

Because of this the memory’s function is reimprinted building better neural connections that no longer results in unwanted repetitive cycle.

It is a highly effective non-invasive technique that was able to help hundreds of thousands of individuals globally. An advanced Eutaptics practitioner such as myself can help you overcome repetitive bad memories fast including those from trauma or childhood bad memories.

Learn more about the value of Why and How to Change Bad Memories, the free eBook I offer covers most of the things you need to get started in the right direction.

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