Rewiring the Mind to Achieve Happiness

We all crave to achieve happiness, yet the biggest question remains, “Is happiness something we cultivate individually or is it a result of our environment?”

Imagine your brain as a seemingly endless circuit of neural pathways.

Every single time you feel angry over anything, a series of interconnected neural pathways is being fired together to form your reaction or response.

Your memories play a very important role on how any experience is being perceived by the mind. Without these memories, you wouldn’t be able to form a response of any kind, negative, positive or even neutral.

However, most of our problems is really about our automatic negative reactions and responses. From the mildest to the strongest, it can affect how we achieve happiness. In other words, it is our series of subconscious blocks that affects every aspect of our life.

Happiness is Always Cultivated – Never the Result of an Environment

Sometimes it is easy to agree that happiness is the result of a given environment. Some claim that the reality in which a person lives has the ability to encourage them to achieve happiness and sustain it.

Nonetheless, even the most laid-back places in the world can induce stress and unhappiness. Why?

For happiness is cultivated within, always, without falter. Happiness is a result of your mental, emotional and physical responses.

It is the mind that dictates happiness.

If you investigate the other end of the spectrum, then you’d discover that it is also the mind that produces unhappiness.

Remember the neural connections we are talking about earlier, they are the powerhouse of your bliss or failure.

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Even if you are placed in a paradise, your memories (neural pathways) can work against you. Say it is a tropical paradise with the best beach, but you are afraid of the water. Or maybe afraid of the wild? We cannot call that happiness, can we?

In short, our fears hinder us to achieve happiness.

It only makes perfect sense that we collapse the neural pathways that creates negative reactions and responses. For they are the root cause of all our problems.

Creating New Neural Pathways to Achieve Happiness

It is a common question coming from many, is it even possible?

Yes, and luckily there are wide techniques to choose from that does not involve invasive treatments or medications.

Neural pathways can be altered or changed by retraining our minds to respond to a problematic memory as we bring it back to awareness. And this can be done by changing the memories that fuels the responses.

Certain memories are easy to change and some are more challenging. Nonetheless, they can be altered.

What I use to change memories that hardly ever failed me is a system called Eutaptics, it is self-applicable and highly effective. Using stimulation of certain acupressure points as an unpleasant memory is brought to awareness, the process can change how the mind forms a response.

Because of this the bad or unpleasant memory is weakened and collapsed. New neural connections are then built when memories producing bad responses are triggered. Instead of the common reaction that your mind is used to produce you will then begin to produce a positive response, if not, at least neutral.

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Let’s Get Started to Achieve Happiness

If you are ready to achieve happiness, I am not going to lie, it isn’t easy. There is much work involved and it is different from person to person. 

First you need to understand the power of memories. For the bigger picture in achieving and sustaining happiness relies on how your memories function in your everyday life.

We are not talking simply about how you remember things, but mostly on memories from deep within the subconscious that has become part of who are you are. But do not be discouraged, your fears and negative mindsets are not part of your identity. Let me help you discover that.


My eBook “How and Why Change Unpleasant Memories” will get you started in the right direction. Put your best foot forward and begin today.

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