The Power of Changing Memories to Reduce Stress Responses

Changing memories to reduce stress may sound like a new and a bit extreme of an idea to some. But in reality, it is the aim of many stress management systems out there.

However, most stress management and resolution systems are not entirely focused on the power of the subconscious mind and not applying techniques that can alter the function and effectively create new neural pathways to be utilized by the mind.

Since birth, we are actively recording every experience, we may not efficiently bring into awareness and recreate every single life event but how these events are emblazoned in the mind is the forerunner of how we function as we are.

In other words, it is impossible to sift through the variety of life and understand what is pleasant versus unpleasant without the influence of the subconscious. For the basis of our choices, behavior and life in general is sets its foundations on all “filed” data in the mind.

Why You Get Stressed?

Ever notice the many things in life that causes you to immediately feel stressed? Furthermore, ever noticed why some people who are within the same experience simply doesn’t feel the same level of stress on a particular subject than you?

Our stress response varies greatly from one to another. What induces your stress may be processed by even your closest friends and loved ones as neutral or may even be joyful. The study of stress is a major focus of many scientific research that involves billions of dollars to date. But surprisingly stress remains to be addressed individually and uniquely from one person to another.

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This is because if you take an image of our neural pathways, you will definitely end up with something similar to a fingerprint, unique from one person to another. Even the most like-minded people in the world will end up incredibly different if you scratch beneath the surface.

Why you get stressed is simply because your coping mechanism and mental structure in forming a reaction and a response to a particular subject that triggers a stress response. These responses, if you take time to investigate will definitely lead to a memory that is being used by your mind as the trigger.

Other factors will determine the intensity of the stress you are going through. Nonetheless, the main focus is how to rid of the root cause, regardless of the intensity. For that alone resolves a wide range of issues.

How the Brain Purges Bad Memories

The mind is extraordinarily good at alerting us on any possible threat. So good, that in many cases, anything that may relate to a threat may signal a stress responses, even if the relation of a subject to danger is small or minute in nature.

Stress responses are neurologically complicated. Think of the mind as a complicated circuit board, that is sending data from multiple points all at once. There are two notable and consistently implicated areas responsible for purging bad memories, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.

However, manipulating any of these points will NOT really provide any lasting changes in terms of how bad memories are processed and used by the mind.

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The focus needs to be shifted on neural pathways connecting both points, for neural connections produce formation of a stress response or reaction.

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In other words, what needs to be changed is not entirely the function of the amygdala and the other areas of brain, but the memories or data that produce the response.

For if the memories being processed by amygdala and prefrontal cortex has lost its “significance,” meaning the emotions involved has been diffused and resolved, the connection to produce a stress response is also muted and in turn use a different neural pathway. But is that possible?

Yes, it is! But first you need to learn more about “How and Why You Should Change a Bad Memory.” I offer a Free eBook you can download below and get started on your journey to stress resilience.


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