The Origin of Problems: Understanding Subconscious Blocks

Subconscious blocks may disable a person to achieve goals and may even stunt your emotional and spiritual growth.

Are you feeling like the proverbial hamster on a wheel? When you feel like you are stuck in life and change is not only difficult but seems impossible, it is the perfect time to look within for answers.

What are subconscious blockages?

Subconscious blockages may root from any of the following:

  1. Negative Experiences from the Past
  2. Unresolved Emotional Issues
  3. Self-defeating Behaviors and Patterns
  4. Toxic Personal Beliefs

The above subconscious blockages are top among the many possible reasons and they obviously contribute to self-sabotage and counter intentions for growth. Subconscious blocks are often used by the mind to form defense mechanism when dealing with emotional pain, dysfunctional situations ranging from grief and loss, betrayal, abuse, rejection and many more.

However, the subconscious mind is not always logical and reasonable when signaling for these defense mechanisms. The result is we fail to respond to a particular situation reasonably and may even form EA or experiential avoidance which results to myriad problems.

Subconscious Blocks Manifesting as Problems

Suppressed emotions like anger, resentment and guilt are emotions that block your mental resources. When these resources are unable to focus, you may find it extremely difficult to bring positive changes in your life experience.

In other cases, subconscious blocks that are constantly triggering stress responses may manifest as physical illnesses such as; chronic pains, anxiety, mild to moderate headaches to migraines, gastrointestinal disorders and other forms of illnesses.

A healthy mind produces a healthy body and a mind operating with so many subconscious blocks produce suffering.

Stress triggers places both your mind and body at risk and this negatively impacts not only your immune system but your psychological health as well. When often under stress the mind magnifies the problem, and blows it out of proportion.

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Subconscious blocks can affect all areas of life from personal relationships to your career health.

Financial and Money Issues

Growing up, you may have heard the adults around you saying, “We do not have enough,” “Everything is expensive,” or even, “Money is root of all evil.” These beliefs passed on to you creates a subconscious programming with negative associations about money.

Older, your conscious mind may recognize the need for money but your subconscious mind may block you from attracting money simply by focusing your mental resources away from opportunities.

Toxic beliefs are mental programs that we can claim to make use produce so many errors in life. While it remains true that we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes, for it can become our catalyst for success, it is also true that we should work hard on removing as many obstacles as possible, especially the ones that are deeply rooted in the mind that produce unwanted behavior, mental and physical responses.


The Subconscious Mind – The Emotional Mind

The subconscious is the powerhouse of our emotions, beliefs and memories from previous experiences. Hence, we can call it the emotional aspect of the mind. While we may claim that we are consciously aware of our emotions 24/7, it is a very false claim. We simply cannot be. We are slaves of our subconscious programming some may say.

But I think we can work hard to change it and make use of our subconscious to work with us and not against us.

To release and resolve life issues we need our conscious mind to help us by first releasing the negative voices of the conscious mind to explore deeper the issues of the subconscious.

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Best done is to locate the memories within the subconscious and rewrite their function to produce an alternative response. Just like the example above about financial and money issues. If one deconstructs the problem and piece the puzzle together without the emotions carried by the memory about money, then the individual is free from the subconscious toxic belief about it.

In a Nutshell – Clearing Subconscious Blocks Help:

  1. Resolve past negative experiences
  2. Break negative behaviors and habits
  3. Overcome responses based on fear
  4. Stop negative thinking
  5. Create a great mind-body connection

Stop Trying Harder – It Is Time to Try it Differently

The problem with trying harder is that it will definitely produce the same results. If you crave for positive changes, doing the same thing over and over will produce the same results, no matter how many times repeated or how intensely.

Try it differently, it is time to try communicating with your subconscious mind and it is not an impossible task. If you do not take charge and control your subconscious, it will govern your life based on its default programming.

I have been offering coaching sessions on how a person can achieve positive changes in their life by changing their memories and problems caused by subconscious blocks. You may find the techniques that I use as the most advanced, useful and safe in terms of collapsing negative behavior.


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