Why You Do What You Do – How Mindsets Shape Our Reality

Memories fuel our present thoughts, current ideas and perception about life, these thoughts and ideas create the structure of our mindsets.

Each thought or idea in the mind creates an impact on how you feel, these feelings and emotions forms the response contributing to your behavior and in the much bigger sense, how you function within the reality that you create.

What was mentioned above is the principle in which reality of life relies upon. And it will continue whether you are aware and accepting of it or not.

“Your thoughts build your mindset, and it is your mindset that shapes your reality.”

The Reality of Your Mindsets

Your reality is something you create. It is hardly something imposed on you, unless you willingly subscribe to it or was diligently trained to do so for years.

Our mindsets are similar to computer programs or modern web applications that creates a vision of reality that is aligned with our inherent views about the world, with little regard to facts presented by the true nature of “what truly is.”

Again, similar to computer applications, your brain functions by reinforcing a version of reality that you create, true or not, but VERY selective of the “proofs” on how reality is built.

For the mind, the validity of your views about the world and how it works is only based upon what it understands within mindsets that you built or was built over time (without your awareness). Nothing else is real and valid on any subject that has no program, for all our beliefs require a reference.

The subconscious mind specifically, only assumes that personal views based from stored memories are the only correct ones, — and quicker than a blink of an eye, your reality is shaped.

Seeing Sunshine – Feeling Gloomy

Your mindset defines not only the reality you live in, but even how you feel about it.

When you are feeling sad, gloomy, scared, anxious or simply negative about almost everything. There is a big chance you can find the soup of negative feelings back to a single memory.

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Since memories are stored from the subconscious, it may be a little challenging to map and change. That is why I use a technique that efficiently communicate with the subconscious to locate the root of these responses and change them to a neutral or positive memory to create a pleasant response. I will talk more about this technique and give you an overview towards the end of this article.

What I would like to express in this section is simply how important it is to bring into awareness these memories that builds our negative mindsets making us see the world in a different way.

Every single time we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it is important to check within the mind to investigate beyond what is happening and why you respond in such a way.

Shifting Your Mindset

Shifting your mindset to feel better is not about forcing positive thoughts in hopes to change your reality.

Happy thoughts are great, but it is not a guarantee to change the imprints within your subconscious that builds the structure of unhappiness.

Trying to see the world through a filter is much of a lie. Remember, lies are not only things we actively say or do, but even those we actively hide.

Changing your mindset is really about collapsing the ugly structure that you may find linked with your identity. First you need to silence the conscious mind and mute its reasons that may limit you. Next you may try the following:

1. Aim

Notice how you know you have a problem. You do not have to dissect the thought and its accompanying emotions, you just need to recognize the presence of the problem. Bring into your conscious awareness which parts of your body is responding to the thought and recognize responses that may also be related to a sound, or perhaps a visual building up in your mind.

2. Tap

Using two fingers, your middle finger and index finger and tap on the following meridian points while focusing on the sensations produced by your fingers against your skin.

  1. Between your eyebrows
  2. Beside your eye
  3. Under your eye
  4. Just below the collarbone
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While you are tapping, say “Let it go,” or “It is safe to let it go.”

3. Peace

Grab your wrist and say peace while allowing your mind to go to a peaceful memory.

4. Check

Go back to your abundance blocks or memories you consider to be subconscious blocks. Notice if the particular thought has changed. Recognize the intensity of the memory.

5. Repeat

Repeat the steps from 2 to 4 until the memory has been reimprinted – or until the feelings associated with the memory has completely changed and replaced by a positive feeling.

The above is just an overview on how you can destroy your abundance blocks or subconscious blocks. Changing your memories that contributes to forming negative beliefs will not remove the memory all at once. It will not cause you to change the past or forget the memories connected to an event.

Memories are interdependent, that is a fact. However, the emotions these memories carry are not necessarily interdependent among each other. What the above process truly aims for is the release of the emotions allowing the subconscious mind to no longer use it as reference to form a response or reaction. In other words, to rewrite your mental programming without the subconscious blocks in the way.

Not all memories are easy to change, there are difficult memories but there are ways to work around them.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular memory, I offer coaching on how you can reimprint or change these memories to release their intensity to build new mindsets that welcomes abundance.


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