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Memory Reimprinting and Mindset Coaching – Guaranteed Key to Success

We are living in the age of dynamic change and for this reason we are subject to greater challenges, stress may become a word synonymous to “living.” As technology takes us to the peak of new discoveries and inventions, it also applies more pressure on many aspects of life; professional, personal and familial.

In my career as a life coach, there are top 5 questions clients generally wish to find answers to.

These are:

  • “How do I handle change?”
  • “How do I stay at the top of the game?”
  • “How do I achieve work-life balance?”
  • “How can I achieve perfect health?”
  • “How do I know what I really want in life?”

I utilize the power of memory reimprinting in my mindset coaching. I believe that all the answers we are looking for in life, from spiritual to physical can be answered by clearing the obstacles of the mind. Stress has diluted our understanding of life, living and loving.

The function of our memories that are supposedly to help us excel and champion life is often mismatched, more likely to cause us functioning the other way around. The key ingredient in mindset coaching is to map the memories in which your toxic mindsets are structured. If one truly craves for change, this is the ultimate and fastest process that truly works.

What is Memory Reimprinting? Is It Ethical?

Reimprinting memories are not only ethical, in today’s highly stressful world, it is practical. Our busy lives leaves us less opportunity to reflect on the endless list of “WHYs” of life. Memory reimprinting is a great technique that allows us to understand ourselves, our mindsets and its foundations.

In a nutshell, the process of memory reimprinting is to establish communication to your subconscious. Tapping on certain points of the body is employed to help bring into awareness the memories linked to a problem. Furthermore, it is a way of changing your body’s natural stress response as your awareness of the problem goes deeper and deeper into the subconscious. The body then learns to understand that such thoughts does not pose as a threat.

I personally believe that this is the most comfortable and less invasive technique when trying to collapse mindsets. It is highly effective because it goes beyond just coaching a client on affirming change. The whole process will first identify the foundation of the problem, collapse its structure and allow neural pathways, creating connections that leads to responses that are positive in nature. If not, at least neutral.

What does all this really mean?

a. I strongly stand by the idea that for all positive changes in life to occur and be sustained we must first dig into our minds and hearts to find the structure of thoughts and emotions fueling it. In other words, your success on anything is not found outside of who you are.

b. Life is about looking at who you are, how close you are to what you want to be and learning to bridge the gaps in between.

c. We aim to destroy your toxic mindsets that cause your blocks to success, love, and happiness.

d. When you discover the genuine value of “self,” you discover your worth in this creation. When you get there, it will be easy to intelligently define your life purpose and live each day in fulfillment of it.

e. Psychological flexibility is another goal I have for my clients as their mindset coach. Not only destroying toxic beliefs but also giving you tools to heal and steady your mind should there be adversities.

Does the Following Sound VERY Familiar?

– Life is very demanding and “overwhelm” is a word that sums up life on a daily basis.

– Change is a struggle. Emotional overeating, smoking and alcohol are parts of normal life.

– There is always someone better. Negative self-talk is the usual self-talk.

– There is no place, no system and no person who seem to be able to get you the help you need.

– When challenged, giving up is the only solution.

If the above is you…

It Is Perfect Time for Change!

My mindset coaching works! Not only because I work with a great technique like memory reimprinting, but because I am just like you. I know how it is to struggle, fail and understand how fear can consume your life.

I offer you a taste of my work. You can prequalify for a free 30 minute session. All I ask from you is to fill in the form below to pre-qualify and if you can detail something about yourself.

Be among the people I was able to help and now lives aligned to success and happiness!