Memory Reimprinting: The Way To Your Happiest Life

Imagine creating a life without the influence of memories from experiences supporting toxic beliefs. Or simply, imagine collapsing your toxic beliefs that are the producers of your problems. No matter how we try to mix things up to come up with varied explanation and sentence construction, we face the simplest fact of life, our problems are produced within and they are real because of the facts or imprints our minds cling on to, making them your reality. But are they really?

Memories Shape Your Reality

The memories accumulated from all your experiences create your reality. When trying to understand this, I wish that you step out of the ideas bound to mystics and unproved universal systems. Let us take the path into understanding using practical words and experiences. For example, fear. How fear of anything, material or abstract, is formed in the mind through bits and pieces of information that you learned well, it is either passed on by other people or through your own experiences.

All the things you were told and taught about eventually becomes an imprint or memory. All your experiences about anything, the same. For example, you were told many times when you were a kid to stay away from the dark, without any prior bad or fearful experiences in the dark you may become an adult fearing dark places. It may be very hard for you to explain why.

And my example of darkness is only one thing, did you know there are so many beliefs in life that are formed this way? If not, through our personal experiences. Maybe there were times during your childhood that you were rejected, bullied, or experienced strict mentors and guardians. You may grow to be someone who fears other people or the public in general. You may even find it hard to subscribe to growth mindsets because of fears that you are not aware of. Deep in the layers of your consciousness imprints are found, may be easy or difficult to pinpoint but they form the structure in which your response to life relies. In other words, what you understand as your reality is directly influenced by these imprints.

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The Impermanent and Inaccurate Nature of Imprints or Memories

It is false to assume that memories or imprints are in nature accurate every single time. The mind does not work that way. Every single time a memory is used by the mind, subtle or not, the very same neural connections are being fired to recreate the event.

This is how we remember, function and form responses and reactions. It happens quicker than a blink of an eye and simultaneously. The neural connections forming imprints or memories are not concretely bound to the reality of an event. In other words, bits and pieces of it may be missing, some added and others connected to another event or understanding of how it happened.

This is why you will find great disparity among texts about historical events throughout time from brilliant authors. Also arguments may rise when recollecting an event with friends and loved ones. Furthermore, it is undeniable that there are so many arguments between partners within relationships bound to misunderstanding a recollection of an event. Just try to imagine how life can become if we have control over our memories, not to rewrite the past to be accurately matching and bridge the gaps for other's benefits.

But to reimprint memories to condition your mindsets to only be based on the reality of love, abundance, happiness, success and compassion.

Belief Systems: Precursor of Your Reactions and Responses

One way to look at how you shape your reality is how you form responses and reactions on just about anything. Imagine if you are constantly in fear of people because your personal or inherent belief of how they might hurt you, judge you or reject you. Any false and toxic belief may form reactions that you may not even be aware of, causing you to miss on opportunities that may lead to growth.

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In other words, false and toxic belief systems are hard to identify especially those residing in the unconscious or subconscious. Your mental programming may be the very obstacle that blocks you in achieving happiness, understanding genuine reality, becoming successful or overcoming a broad spectrum of physical and invisible illnesses.

Memory Reimprinting: Creating Your Best Life Possible

Memory reimprinting is bound to ethical standards and principles of life coaching. The term may evoke other meanings, but it is the perfect terminology to name the most effective process of changing how your mind utilizes memories.

As the memory changer, I utilize effective techniques such as memory reimprinting to help an individual collapse negative mindsets bound to memories from childhood or recent episodes in life. I help my client’s mental processes discover new neural pathways connected from memories that are toxic in nature. The end result is not wiping memories or forgetting bits of an event. What happens is that the emotional charge that fueling these memories are put to rest, causing the mind to be leaning towards a neutral or positive response. It is a solid step towards psychological flexibility. 


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