Memory Changer Life Coaching for A Clear Mental Health Recovery

Life coaching for a clear mental health recovery is an effective approach to aid treatment of mental disorders. But note, that mental illnesses vary in severity and life coaching alone will not work and may even potentially risk an individual without guidance of a licensed mental health doctor.

Coaching for mental health must always be focused on recovery and not treatment. There is quite a wide stigma when it comes to mental disorders and a reputable life coach can help a person overcome fears of these stigmas to aid in the process of treatment and recovery.

Mental Disorders – Addressing the Issues

We are all mentally functioning in perfect accordance to our subconscious programming. In other words, any disorder is not actually understood by your deeper consciousness as a disorder, in fact it is only a regular response by default.

It becomes a problem or a disorder because it works against human nature and depending on the case and severity, works against the individual himself. Mental disorders, no matter how mild can be destructive to self and others.

To address the issue, what has to be initially done is to coach a person against the stigma for them to willingly submit to appropriate treatment. For without willingness and proper knowledge, the chance of recovery is very narrow and the risk of progression is broader.

The next step is to identify appropriate treatment. There are multiple ways to treat mental disorders, modern western medicine is now recognizing alternative healing systems to be as effective. Nonetheless, one must take into consideration any type of system that claims to treat mental disorders.

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Life Coaching for Addiction Recovery

A great example for mental health recovery through life coaching is addiction. Many people take addiction less seriously. Some would deny that addiction is a mental problem, others may conclude addiction to be a brain disease – such as the claims of

Just the conflicting claims may cause an individual who are facing addiction issues to shy away from treatment. A certified life coach specializing in addiction recovery can help greatly to aid in treatment.

My approach for addiction recovery does not stand within the idea and claims of addiction being a chronic brain disease. I work with individuals who are facing addiction problems with great understanding how addiction manifests in their behavior and how patterns are developed.

My life coaching technique for addiction recovery is based on how addictive behavior is formed within the mind, with greater focus on the subconscious.

Any type of addiction is a subconscious programming, no wonder it is difficult to resolve in some cases. It is hard to reprogram the subconscious without employing techniques that works and it is never a one-session-resolves-all.

My addiction recovery coaching or any mental health recovery coaching complements other treatments. What I do is teach how an individual can destroy the root of the problem by using techniques that allows communication with the subconscious to collapse the structure of the problem.

I help an addicted individual recognize their patterns and bring into present awareness the memories that fuels the issue. By reimprinting the function of these memories, the addictive cycle is weakened and collapsed.

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Life Coaching is a Strong Support to Aid Mental Health Recovery

If you or a loved one is suffering from mental health issues and you may be frightened by the stigma that goes along with it, allow me to help. I can change how you view mental illness or help you through the treatment process and guide you through recovery by teaching you techniques that breaks the addiction cycle.

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