Memories: Influencing Every Buying Decision We Make

I have been caught up with so many things regarding Internet consumer behaviors. The person that I am, it is easy to guess that I would be digging much more on things related to what I do, memories.

After several entrepreneurial topics on TED Talks and countless articles on consumer behavior by top psychology personalities, I am convinced now more than ever that a lot of entrepreneurs out there require greater understanding of memories more than ever.

How memories influence decisions of consumers especially those directly influencing business success is a topic that requires attention in this modern age.

Psychology in marketing and sales have long been the most effective tactic of big companies such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Apple and Nestle, to name a few. The bigger the brand, the more they invest on researches across the globe on how their products can be imprinted vividly on the minds of consumers.

But it isn’t just creating a great logo or producing advertisements that everyone can relate to, much more important aspect is the experience.

Your memories of great experiences relating to a product will have you thinking of a particular brand every single time there is a “need” for it. Same is true that all your bad experiences will result “avoidance” of a particular brand. This is the recipe for success of great big names out there, experience.

Imprints, Memories, Recollections – Just How Powerful Are They?

Can you imagine for one moment having no memories of all sorts for one moment? I guess it is easy to agree altogether that it would be of immense difficulty to function, more so to survive life.

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Memories are not all falling into a single category. Depending on the school of psychology or philosophy you wish to follow, each have their own understanding of how memories are formed or stored or retrieved and recollected. I would love to explain this process in the simplest as possible, free from medical and psychiatric jargons of western and modern medicine.

Memories are so complex to bring into full explanation in a single blog post. However, we can break down memories on two major categories, long-term and short-term.

Long-term memories or implicit memories are those things we don’t consciously or purposely bring into awareness. Procedural memories such as driving a car, knowing the keys on your keyboard or how to use your smartphone are all kinds of memories of that does not require you much mental effort to perform.

Explicit memories are those requiring an effort to retain or remember. Say the phone number of a new friend or a recipe for a cake. Explicit memories are utilized every day to recall and explain just exactly what we are doing and for what purpose.

I do not wish to bore you with a lecture about memories in this post. What I am trying to arrive at is how come an explicit memory may somehow seemingly become implicit or long-term?

The short answer is:

Intensity of the experience.

Anything we are focused on can somehow be recorded by the mind implicitly if it is happening during an intense experience or life episode. For this reason alone traumatic events may cause PTSD or Traumatic Stress Responses. Recollection of the event may not be purposely brought into awareness but keeps on being related-to by the mind, played in an unwanted loop.

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To most who are experiencing traumatic disorders, it is seemingly impossible to get rid of. But that is not true. Memory reimprinting is a great technique to change mind-body stress responses.

But to keep us aligned on how this blog post was introduced (intended)- entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. It is indeed a powerful tactic to learn more about the power of memories in terms of consumer decision making.

For the memory of an experience of a product or a brand is what motivates a customer to buy or avoid.

I have been actively coaching entrepreneurs, not on their marketing strategies, but it is an interesting subject to discuss. My coaching programs for entrepreneurs are on how to keep motivated and acquire growth mindsets to achieve and sustain their idea of business success.

Lucky for me, I was given a chance to work with great people whose memories I was able to change and align them with a purposeful and happy life.

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