Life Coaching for Anxiety: A Path to Recovery

Life coaching for anxiety is found by many to be the most effective compared to medications offered by modern medicine. Life coaches with pure intent to heal and are equipped with knowledge on how to destroy anxiety triggers may drive lasting and faster results.

Anxiety has become a common malady among creatives, entrepreneurs and to be honest just about everyone. But often anxiety comes with many misconceptions. Even some life coaches may not understand anxiety from its core.

Anxiety is hardly a disease that is:

  1. Contracted
  2. Random
  3. Unknown
  4. Inherit
  5. Uncontrollable
  6. Develop

What anxiety really is? Anxiety is the product of a certain style of behavior.

Anxiety is created in the mind and thus producing psychological and physical responses. It is not contracted in a sense that a person who has anxiety can pass it on. Neither can anxiety be said to be a random disorder, because it is created by something within the consciousness.

In other words, anxiety is the result of being worried, fretful or concerned. In this view, it is easier to understand that anxiety is not the root problem that needs to be addressed but the factors causing worry, fretful or overly concerned. Once these issues are addressed, anxiety resolves on its own.

Once again, anxiety is not a disease or an illness, but may be caused by one or more. Anxiety is the product of psychological, physiological and emotional state that results in apprehensive behavior.

Worry is an apprehensive behavior, no wonder it can produce anxiety.

When Does Anxiety Become a Disorder?

When the underlying problems causing apprehensive behaviors are not properly addressed, progression is a possible result. Worry for example, is a natural response of the mind. However, we may become expert worriers through repetition and belief. As we continue to train ourselves to worry a lot, it might become part of our identity, thus becoming more difficult to understand and detach from. Worry then may become our usual response to just about anything. Not good.

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One way to resolve anxiety is help yourself to behave less apprehensive, then anxiety will naturally fade away. But that is hardly the case for most people, anxiety seems uncontrollable and progressive in many cases. The reason behind this is:

The Memories Triggering Anxiety

How the mind really works is from one program to another or from one imprint to the next. We withdraw our responses and reactions based on stored memories in the subconscious. It is safe to say that our reality and how we function within it is but a creation of our own minds. It is up to us whether we want to function efficiently or recognize our problems and resolve them.

Memories triggering apprehensive behavior will definitely produce anxiety. If the mind regularly utilize this memories to form a response, then a person may be said to suffer a disorder.

Resolving Anxiety Through Memory Reimprinting

One technique that I use that efficiently allows us to communicate with the subconscious and collapse the structure of apprehensive behaviors is Eutaptics, it is a meridian tapping and memory reimprinting technique that activates natural mental healing.

It allows anyone suffering from anxiety disorder to rewrite the function of any memory functioning as anxiety trigger. This allows a person to easily reduce and mute the body’s natural stress response.

If you want to learn more about how you can reimprint your memories functioning as anxiety triggers, please click here.

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