How Our Memories Shape Us – Our Identities and Cultures

What goes on in our minds and how our memories are organized influences our behavior. The previous statement is a fact that most of us may not deny but also not give enough attention.

We go about each day thinking that our perception of reality is based from a solid foundation of truth. Our versions of truth however are immediately shattered in that very moment another version clashes with it.

We may argue endlessly with a family member or a friend over a conflicting recollection of a particular shared event. Even the sharpest of the minds may not agree altogether over details of a particular shared experience.

Why is this? Because each of us have a unique recording and perception of the past. In other words, how memories are imprinted within each individual mind is as unique as his or her own fingerprint.

Memories: An Endless But Relevant Topic in Personal Growth

It is undeniable that our memories have an enormous impact on how our identities are shaped. But despite the important role of memories in shaping our identities and its effect on shifting our cultures and communities, most people interested in personal growth do not shift their focus this important aspect of “being.”

Unless we begin to practice a living based on allowing memories propel us to exponential growth, there is a very slim chance to truly be on the path towards genuine personal development.

In contrary to misguided beliefs, changing memories is not about remembering and then clinging to the past. It is however changing how your mind and body respond about a past experience (or memory).

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There is much in our past experiences than we give credit for. For example, an experience during your childhood that may not be totally traumatic in nature but may be the major precursor of your certain fears about particular subjects. It is safe to say that most of our perception about the present and incoming experiences are always drawn reference from our endless loop of memories.

This process is by default to keep us safe, that is to understand danger and immediately form responses to avoid or stop it. But our subconscious mind may not see the logic in all case scenarios. There is a high chance it may signal us to immediately switch to limiting mindsets and avoidance behaviors.

In essence, as the memory changer, I aim for these types of memories to be released. Eventual release of these memories leads to the collapse of the negative or limiting mindsets it supports and cessation of all problematic behaviors produced.

The Truth About Memories

So many issues in our lives are memory related for it permeates every aspect of our living and civilization as a whole. Virtually every area that has anything to do with humans has something to do with memory. All experiences that our mind clings on to that carries strong emotional charge are definitely ingrained in our identities.

To live life bound to the saying “The past doesn’t make who I am,” is virtuous indeed, but is it possible?

When we say memories we are not only talking about what molds your negative behaviors, your virtuous thoughts and positive characteristics are also rooted from your memories. In other words, it is how we utilize our memories that counts.

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As a dedicated life coach helping individuals understand this, I make it a point that one has a clear understanding of memories both good and bad, for it is the only way to hack through a purposeful life aligned with genuine happiness.

Imagine being free from both the pain caused by a particular memory. For a moment try to view the world as it could be and not how it is based from emotional baggages of your past. Whether an experiences is traumatic or perhaps you are unaware of it but it is constantly utilized by your subconscious, I am here to help you.

Identifying memories that are forerunners of our toxic and limiting beliefs are easier said than done, much more to release them. I am your memory changer, the coach dedicated to your sustainable success!

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