Healing the Pain of Regret – A Powerful Technique to Let Go

Our current reality is the byproduct of our past, but being imprisoned in the past is likely going to cause you myriad life problems.

Regret is often unbearable and at times difficult to overcome. Regrets over things that we can and cannot control can lead to seemingly unbreakable attachment to the past without a clear future ahead. Unfortunately, there is no pill, drug or magic that can help us reconstruct the past.

What is done, is done.

Nevertheless, we have the power to change our minds on how we perceive previous life events that we regret. We have all the power within to change how the past affects our emotions and even our physical wellbeing.

This is what I wish to share in this blog post.

Re-writing Your Past

Every single value attached to past events are definitely “mind-made”. It isn’t to say they aren’t real, but the accuracy of how we remember things and how it affects are emotions are greatly debatable.

The value we attach to the past are often not only inaccurate but can be limiting.

For example, attachment to a previous failed relationship may cause a person to be unable to seek a new relationship. Surprisingly the same person may attract and feel like the relationship is just about the same as the failed one. At times, may even often attract the same kind of partner.

Re-writing your past can set you towards a direction of genuine change. But re-writing the past does not mean time traveling, for that is impossible. What can be done is to re-write the function of memories to build new neuropathways for the mind to use when a particular subject is brought to awareness. One that is free from painful regrets.

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Regretful Memories – A Way Out

Regret is all about forgiveness. In many cases not forgiving other people but forgiving yourself. Which is actually much more difficult actually. We are by default programmed to give great emotional significance over our failures and mistakes.

What happens is that we base every decision we make based from the negative emotions that has been provoked by regret instead of basing it from the lessons learned.

There is a thin line between learning from mistakes and carrying your past mistakes. Learning must be free from fear. If you fear making mistakes, it only means you have not yet fully learned but is currently trapped in regretful memories of the past.

One effective way out of regretful memories is to use memory reimprinting techniques by Eutaptics. It is a highly effective system that utilizes tapping across recommended meridian points while a memory is brought to awareness.

Tapping helps in training the body to control stress responses wile a regretful memory is being rewritten. Rewriting memory is not deleting a particular event from the brain. What is rewritten is the function of the memory, meaning the emotions it carries is to be diffused or released.

When a memory loses its significance, the mind will no longer use it to produce negative mindsets or negative behavior towards a particular subject. In terms of emotional pain caused by regrets, better neuropathways will be created to produce a neutral or positive response when the topic is triggered to awareness.

Bad memories can be changed and altered to produce better responses. Check out the Free eBook below to know “Why and How to Change Bad Memories.” It will definitely get you started to creating a life free from pain of regret.

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