Destroying The Subconscious Obstacles That Holds You Back

Abundance blocks are subconscious obstacles that holds you back from achieving wealth and success. Most people have it.

Just the mere fact that you feel unsatisfied with your career, financial status or perhaps the quality of life you produce, means that you have subconscious obstacles that requires your attention.

Suffering from these subconscious blocks may not only hinder attracting wealth and success. There are many subconscious blocks that actually results for us to fail appreciating, achieving and sustaining happiness.

What are subconscious blocks or abundance blocks?

The blocks may be beliefs passed on to you by the adults around you when you were growing up. Perhaps beliefs by teachers or some things that you came across and believed in through mainstream media. Moreover, it could be subtle innocent beliefs passed on by your parents, in which you are subconsciously referring wealth to but consciously unaware, like, “Rich people are greedy.”

You may well understand now that our consciousness is not unidimensional. The multifaceted nature of our consciousness allows us to function the way we do and our personal belief systems are drawing reference from our memories – nonstop!

Whatever we believe is true does not normally go through conscious awareness, often we would consider thinking of it as our default reactions. You may hold within you beliefs about wealth and success that are actually toxic. More often than not, you are not even aware you have these beliefs.

What to do next? How to overcome these blocks?

Memories are not concrete, solid or fixed in the mind. You may be surprised that memories are not even always accurate. We are individually equipped with unique ways to record an event and very unique possibilities of retrieving this information.

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To overcome abundance blocks, you are required to bring into awareness the root cause of the problem. If you are an avid meditator you may come across these blocks and work on them. If meditation does not appeal to you, there are many other ways.

In essence, what you need is to locate and change the memories that fuels a toxic beliefs that creates these subconscious blocks. How to achieve that?

A simple yet highly effective tapping technique I use and recommend to my clients can help anyone destroy abundance blocks faster. This technique is called Eutaptics. I will give you a quick overview:

1. Aim

Notice how you know you have a problem. You do not have to dissect the thought and its accompanying emotions, you just need to recognize the presence of the problem. Bring into your conscious awareness which parts of your body is responding to the thought and recognize responses that may also be related to a sound, or perhaps a visual building up in your mind.

2. Tap

Using two fingers, your middle finger and index finger and tap on the following meridian points while focusing on the sensations produced by your fingers against your skin.

a. Between your eyebrows

b. Beside your eye

c. Under your eye

d. Just below the collarbone

While you are tapping, say “Let it go,” or “It is safe to let it go.”

3. Peace

Grab your wrist and say peace while allowing your mind to go to a peaceful memory.

4. Check

Go back to your abundance blocks or memories you consider to be subconscious blocks. Notice if the particular thought has changed. Recognize the intensity of the memory.

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5. Repeat

Repeat the steps from 2 to 4 until the memory has been reimprinted – or until the feelings associated with the memory has completely changed and replaced by a positive feeling.

The above is just an overview on how you can destroy your abundance blocks or subconscious blocks. Changing your memories that contributes to forming negative beliefs will not remove the the memory all at once. It will not cause you to change the past or forget the memories connected to an event.

Memories are interdependent, that is a fact. However, the emotions these memories carry are not necessarily interdependent among each other. What the above process truly aims for is the release of the emotions allowing the subconscious mind to no longer use it as reference to form a response or reaction. In other words, to rewrite your mental programming without the subconscious blocks in the way.

Not all memories are easy to change, there are difficult memories but there are ways to work around them.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular memory, I offer coaching on how you can reimprint or change these memories to release their intensity to build new mindsets that welcomes abundance.


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