Changing Bad Memories: Healing the Mind and Body

Changing bad memories naturally through techniques that builds new neural pathways is a solution to a healthier mind and body, no question.

Bad and/or traumatic memories is the root of myriad life dilemma. What your brain has recorded from a bad or traumatic experience will forever be used by the mind in forming responses and reactions. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind may use the same neural pathway resulting to experiential avoidance (EA) or traumatic stress response even in events not related to the issue.

As your brain continuously attach to sounds, images and other data, how you generate a response will never change and might even get worse in time. That is why when talking about lasting healing not only from trauma but for majority of life issues, changing bad memories is an indispensable need.

Why You Need Changing Bad Memories

There are many good reasons why you need changing bad memories and seek help in finding resolutions.

On top of the reasons is if you have experienced something traumatic, it is not good to live with the trauma all your life. It is impossible to achieve and sustain happiness when you are emotionally unstable.

It is bad enough to experience suffering something bad, worse to live with it and be attached with the past without true appreciation of the present moment or dreaming of a bright future.

Unresolved bad memories will eventually cause the mind and body to break. It is similar to an insidious monster that will shatter your life into pieces if you let it keep on growing.

Stress is the major precursor of all illnesses. A body in constant stress suffers tremendously. Not only is the amount of cortisol and adrenaline flooding the blood stream harmful in terms of blood circulation but the mind also suffers by being trained to be unable to focus and this alone can cause many problems.

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Bad memories are similar to a bad record that plays on an endless loop at the background in varied intensity and momentum all the time.

Although a bad experience is unlikely to be experienced again, a mind attached to the past will live the pain moment after moment.

changing bad memories

Changing Bad Memories for Stress Reduction

Changing bad memories is essential because they are the major triggers for persistent stress and negative emotions. Mixed up, the end result is definitely stress that will spread out to all areas of your life; mental congestion, physical illnesses, social anxiety or even eventual damage to your relationships.

When stress and anxiety reaches the peak and beyond coping it will start to have a negative impact on your physical health and might possibly trigger invisible illnesses including physical aches and pains.

Emotional and physical stress will trap you flight or fight mode, keeping your mental resources narrowed, this can block your creativity and make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus.

Leaving stress unaddressed will lead to anxiety disorders, panic, depression, high blood pressure, strokes and obsessive behaviors and patterns.

In other words, stress will throw your entire body systems out of sync and reduce your immunity making you prone to a broad spectrum of illnesses.

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Processing Emotions and Letting Go – Totally!

A bad memory, like what was mentioned earlier will have you stuck on living he moment of pain. Although the memory resides in the past and no longer existent, it will affect your entire life, from decision making processes to your behaviors.

What memory changing really does is alter the function of a bad memory so it no longer makes you feel stuck. Because bad memories that are not processed will are “filed” bad experiences and as long as your subconscious mind perceives it as a “significant record” it will remain to be your “proof” of reality.

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The strong emotional attachment will cause strong active physical triggers and connections.

The subconscious mind can also be called your emotional brain and your conscious mind being the logic that equates everything. And they are nothing alike, the subconscious is so powerful yet does not have the capability to reason and analyze situations while influencing the conscious mind.

Being the emotional powerhouse of your entire consciousness, your subconscious will only use feelings and emotions as data and feedback. That is why in changing memories, it is very important to use techniques that allows communication with the subconscious to create new neural pathways and the significance of the filed or recorded bad experience is no longer used.

You Cannot “Will” the Mind to Turn Off Bad Memories – But You Can Change Them!

Without creating new neural pathways for the mind to utilize when a thought triggers a bad memory, there is no way any information will be processed without going the same path. The unwanted painful souvenir that you have gathered as you come to this point in your life can be changed if you clear the emotions that fuels them.

As you continue to make sense of the world, the subconscious will continue to control your fight or flight response and your emotions. But do not let this phenomenon stop you from being free from bad memories, use your power within to change their significance. Be liberated today and build new mindsets that will help you not only become successful but realize the genuine nature of happiness.

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