Bye Bye Bad Memories: Negative Memory Changer

The human brain has the potential to heal our entire lives, not only the physical body stuck in the idea of suffering.

The mind can be trained to let go of unwanted / bad memories by changing their context.

New neural pathways may be created to collapse the significance of a memory that evokes negative emotions and causing unwanted behavior.

Imagine living the rest of your life free from being attached to painful memories that builds your toxic mindsets

May this post help set the path to your liberation.

Emotional Association of Memories

The emotional memory of each experience is malleable, changeable and may be reconstructed.

The previous statement although backed by so many scientific researches remains to be very difficult to accept for most people. Perhaps it is because we have an inherent programming to be attached to our memories and feel build the idea of permanence around them.

Amazingly, we are also building permanence among memories that are undoubtedly limiting, toxic and negative. It seems as though without them most people would feel incomplete. Such a false and toxic belief that is passed on to us generations after generations.

In understanding the emotional association of memories, one may unlock the true power of the mind to create the best life.

Important ideas to take note of:

  1. Experiences and events are intimately associated with a particular memory as they are stored in the subconscious mind.
  2. Contextual information of memory is recorded using different neural connections, such as when and where an experience occurred. The hippocampus is the location where these types of memories are often stored.
  3. The amygdala is where the emotional content or component of a memory is found. A separate set of neural connections utilized by the mind.
  4. Neural pathways used by the mind can be manipulated by training. The emotional circuits or neural pathways used by the mind is in no way permanent and emotional associations of memories can be reimprinted.
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Releasing the Emotional Significance of a Bad Memory

By manipulating the neural circuits of bad memories, one can alter the emotional associations of specific memories.

Altering the connections or neural pathways can weaken and collapse the significance of any bad memory resulting to a positive or neutral response triggered by the mind.

Science have long studied these neural pathways. Surgery is not even required to change these neural connections to diffuse a bad memory’s significance. One can utilize the power of meridian points as you recall a memory to enhance communication with the subconscious.

Meridian tapping is not new. However, some energy psychology systems may have included techniques questionable to science, making them easily scrutinized and debated. Here in memory changing we talk of meridian tapping as it is understood by scientific research. Certain points of the body are proven to alter the physiological stress response, combining this technique to reprogram the subconscious while a memory is being recalled can result to destroying neural connections related to bad memories.

It is much less invasive, self-applicable and highly-effective.

The main goal of changing bad memories is not to immediately collapse a memory altogether, but to first weaken its structure and replace the neural pathways utilized by the mind.

Learn “Why and How to Change Bad Memories,” you can download this free eBook that talks in detail points that will get you started in destroying your subconscious blocks from bad memories.

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