A Better Way to Deal with Bad Memories

Bad memories aren’t just sources of cringe-worthy thoughts, embarrassment or mild grief. If you look at things from a different perspective, you would understand that bad memories can weaken the mind-body connection. It is the source of all our negative behaviors, limiting beliefs and plethora of invisible illnesses.

In cases of PTSD, traumatic memories produce Traumatic Stress Responses, which can be debilitating and difficult to overcome. In other cases, bad memories can cause a person to build toxic mindsets, which is the source of many issues they face in life.

Bad Memories: How the Past Shape Your Future

Our memories are being used by the mind to help us function within our environments. Each memory is retrieved by the mind to makes sense of our current experiences. This is a default and quick function that does not require or is brought to our full awareness.

That being said, we can say that it is the subconscious mind that is mostly in control of how memories are utilized. We base all our life decisions unconsciously and in cases of bad memories due to trauma, stress responses are produced without actual danger, placing a suffering individual in total isolation from genuine reality.

Our successes and failures in the future relies on how the mind perceive and shape our reality. Notice that people who think and functions within bounds of “abundance” are people who actually make money, acting towards their long-term goals and are successful.

While others at the other end of the pole whose minds function based on limiting mindsets complain about life and find themselves stuck in almost every situation.

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Done with It? Time to Get Over It!

Bad memories are powered by emotions. The reason why the mind continuously use bad memories as the basis to form responses and reactions is because of the emotions attached to it.

Simply, what powers the neural pathways in our mental circuits are emotions linked to a particular memory. Powerful emotions, whether positive or negative will affect every decision and reaction we make — subconsciously!

It may be difficult to bring them into total awareness for they are sweetly masked as habits, routines and even convinced us that it is part of our identity.

But bad memories are not part of our identity. We are beings of light and love bound to kindness and abundance. We just need a little tweak and restructure our minds to fully understand the power of memories.

When we finally learn to let go of the past, we can shift our focus to a better future.

Changing Bad Memories

To change bad memories requires skills, but on top of the skills one prerequisite is being ready for transformation. Chances are, if a person is not ready to let go of bad memories, they have the tendency to recoil back to their old ways.

Moreover, in changing bad memories, what is actually done is not deleting the memory, for the mind hardly works that way. The emotions bad memories carry is being diffused and new neural pathways are created for the mind to use when forming a response or reaction.

The eBook I giveaway for free, “How and Why to Change Bad Memories,” is your way to get started. It will give you in details the importance of letting go and how to achieve lasting changes to achieve more in life.

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