The Best Stress Reliever that Shows True Results

What is the best stress reliever? In my career as a life coach, I have quite a varied answer in terms of what is the best stress reliever depending on the person. But notably, my answer always funnels down to memory.

Stress is not produced externally, nor is it produced by genes and the body. Stress is produced in and by the mind based on stored information, memories.

It is a particular memory within the mental circuitry that produce the stress response. That is why stress responses varies greatly from one individual to another.

Our level of stress will not be identical to the person next to us given we are exposed to the same set of stressors in a given environment. Although, generally both are stressed, the coping skills will definitely be different.

Meaning if we are to talk about the best stress reliever, it has to be a technique that is also based in mental mechanics of how stress is produced.

One that understands how to destroy mental structure that produce stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is beyond our usual complains about the weight of our responsibilities. Stress is much more mental than it is physical, since the body is forever slaved by the mind. In other words, it is the mind producing the stress response and hardly the body reacting on its own.

When the mind triggers the body to a stress state, torrents of stress hormones flood the bloodstream. Meaning your body’s chemical composition is changed and your organs will function in an alternative state to allocate your body’s energy to a perceived energy.

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When danger is real and present this can be very helpful. However, stress responses may be produced by the mind in any particular subject even if it is “imaginary.”

Your Mind and Body is at Risk

Your mind and body is at risk when it is often experiencing unnecessary stress responses. Your mental and physical wellbeing is very much affected and in the long run may cause chronic stress. Chronic stress leads to myriad life problems and will definitely weaken the body.

80% to 98% of physical illnesses are stress-related. If the body’s normal function is confused on where to allocate energy, the immune-defense system will definitely get weaker and the body will entertain a lot of diseases.

Moreover, the mind is unable to focus on things that truly matter. It makes it difficult to be happy if you are constantly stressed which affects your relationships, career and overall wellbeing.

The Best Stress Reliever

The best stress reliever is to train the mind and body during the heat of stress to respond neutrally or positively.

Easier said than done because our minds are often on auto-pilot. We are consumed by subconscious programming towards negative responses. Our subconscious mind may be said to be biased in terms of trying to hold us back to avoid any type of pain.

To truly resolve stress-related issues, the subconscious needs to be tweaked. How?


Much of our responses are based on a reference or “proof” of how things work. If the mind continuous to refer any incoming experience to a memory, then it would create the same response over and over, guaranteed.

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But this mental circuitry is not really concrete. It can be manipulated, changed and reimprinted. The most effective technique I use is Eutaptics, it involves tapping across suggested meridian system while a stressor is brought into awareness.

The process will help convince the body into “safety,” while the mental circuitry or neuropathways is tweaked to produce a better response. Simply put, that a particular memory causing stress will lose its significance. Without the mind perceiving it as a significant stored information, it will no longer be used in forming a reaction. It is the best stress reliever that shows true results.

My eBook Why and How to Change Unpleasant Memories covers the initial steps of the process. It is downloadable for free, check it out below.

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