Architecture of Sustainable Change in Making Happiness Last

Everybody is in pursuit of happiness, no exception. You pursue perfect health because you want to live a long and happy life free from suffering. You pursue a perfect relationship because you wish every moment to be happy. But life isn’t by default “always happy.”

The lack of understanding about the word “perfect” is the major producer of suffering. There is perfection in this whole creation, but not how you were made to understand by the global culture. Today, we forward in this generation with obvious discord to what perfection really is, hence the pursuit of happiness becomes even harder, close to impossible.

What is very interesting that has been discussed on many texts that I have come across is the idea that happiness cannot be sustained. Some authors surprisingly claim that change cannot be sustained as well in pursuit of happiness. Confusing? I guess when looking at happiness from a standpoint of hedonic adaptation, it may be true in some cases. But are humans by default programmed to be on this highly debatable “hedonic treadmill?”

Happiness and the Treadmill Effect

The hedonic treadmill suggests that expectations and desires rise in tandem. In other words, to cut the through the jargons, it implies that regardless of change in wealth and achievement in life, a person is bound to go back to relatively stable level of happiness. In short, no permanent gain in happiness.

It is true that our desires are in constant expansion. But happiness can last, happiness can be sustained. By slowing your “running” on the treadmill and learning techniques on what causes happiness to fade, you can make it last.

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When you learn to appreciate positive changes in variety of ways and collapse your mindset that the source of happiness must be uniform, you can start building a much more meaningful life. Not only that, you are guaranteed to be adaptable to almost anything.

In other words, you may change to a new spouse but if you do the same activities and you are functioning in the same mindset within the relationship as your failed one. There is pretty much a high chance of failing it as well. Unless you change your mindset, and change your activities with the person, then you may be guaranteed to make it last. Happiness can be achieved and sustained through variety and appreciation.

What I do as a happiness coach is not help you be trapped in the delusional and false ideas of happiness. I will show you how possible and easy it is to tweak your mindset so that in cases when you find happiness fading, you can slow down the treadmill effect and make happiness last.

Your happiness relies on your ability to be mentally ready to accept things for what they really are. And if you are ready, I can show you how.

We are in constant change, our emotions rise and fall and our thoughts spinning in all directions. I am here to coach you on how you can build your own architecture of sustainable change in making happiness last. I wish that you acquire the psychological flexibility to make things happen in your life without feeling unhappy and fail to appreciate the richness of your experience.

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