About Nini

Nini is among the new breed of life coaches out there who knows how to effectively utilize various techniques that can improve someone’s life.  Nini is valued by her clients online and offline and is kept busy by her online coaching and one-on-one sessions.

She continues to study various models of the mind and techniques to help people to truly achieve and sustain happiness. Oh yes, the mind…

When she stumbled upon Progressive Mental Alignment in 2003, she became more eager to learn more about the human consciousness. Her studies on Progressive Mental Alignment drove her to further her studies of the subconscious mind and how it can help so many people to effortlessly heal and eradicate a broad spectrum of problems.

In 2014, she became acquainted to Skills to Change Institute and VistaNova School for Coaching, providing education for further learning. The modalities offered by Skills to Change, got her actively participating events, seminars and trainings. Today she is an Advanced Certified Level 4 FasterEFT Practitioner able to help people to recover from trauma, fears and a broad spectrum of emotional issues. She guides people in construction of better mindsets by understanding the power of your own mind and a lengthy list of life issues.

Nini is open to coach anyone who wants to commit to themselves to make the changes to achieve the desired outcome.

Commitment + action = Success


In 2016, she expanded her reach to cater to more people globally. While still based in Netherlands, Nini offers life coaching through the internet, either skype or any platform that suits you!

A life coach who is dedicated to profound life transformations. The modalities she uses to help individuals are only among the many other ingredients that makes her an awesome life coach. Her personal approach on every client’s case and her passion to genuinely help are qualities that makes her personal brand standout.