7 Powerful Ways To Organize the Mind

The mind has the power to generate your own version of inner and outer reality. The thoughts however that runs within the mind is difficult to map and control, often distorting how our inner reality is connected to our outer reality.

If only we can do something to somehow keep our thoughts organized to be able to quickly bridge the discord. The great discord that causes us to feel isolated, depressed, anxious, stressed and in some cases, being driven to insanity.

Do you feel like your thoughts are often shooting in all directions? There are ways you can keep them organized and practice makes perfect. So start today!

I want to share the top 7 powerful ways to organize the mind and later on I will share a great technique you can learn to reduce stress responses to keep mental strain away.

1. Single Task as Much as Possible

Our parents or mentors when we were young encouraged us to multi-task. Which is not really bad because it can help us accomplish more in little time. Nonetheless, you need to recognize the nature of your tasks. As much as possible, tasks requiring more mental work than others must be done with full attention. You will be able to accomplish more with guaranteed efficiency.

Honestly, the conscious mind cannot perform tasks all at once. It simply doesn’t work that way. When you say you are multi-tasking you are actually choosing to shift attention from one subject to another.

In time, the brain will get tired and may result choosing to go slower. Because of this, the tasks that could’ve been perceived by the mind as normal may start to feel like a burden. This is a very common stress response. Once any task is perceived by your mind as stressful, a plethora of issues arise, both mental and physical. Just avoid it as much as possible and bring to prioritize.

2. Keep a List

The brain is like an amazing computer capable of so many processes that technology can only dream of. Nonetheless, the brain is also easy to confuse. While your memory may be sharp, you can free your brain space for things that are much more important if you make it habit to keep lists.

Notice that I am making this article as a list? Well, there might be much more attention and retention in doing so. The brain loves list. With the multitude of thoughts going in our heads, when you help the brain a little by organized lists, it appreciates it by paying more attention.

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Lists mitigate the mental strain caused by unorganized ideas.

3. Tech Shut Down Once In a While

Technology can result to addiction. With our culture’s obsession on technology, no wonder scientists are starting to study the damaging effects of too much dependence on it. With all the work you have to think about combined with personal issues, there is not much room for more you may think. But we just love social media to the point of information overload.

Disconnect from time to time and discover joys in actual activities besides exhausting your smartphone battery by endlessly scrolling on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

4. Meditation or Reflection

If I advise on meditation you may feel discouraged because it is a process that is often seen to be lengthy hours of sitting without moving and emptying the mind. Maybe that is not your thing. But honestly one can be meditative without having to close their eyes and vow to not open it come what may. You can be mediative while watching a scenery, people passing by and many other activities.

If you cannot achieve the state of meditation then just be in a state of reflection. Reflect what this article means to you. Maybe you would want to reflect on your day, and every single time you remember something stressful, forgive the situation.

Point is, an alone time dedicated to reduced mental processes will help you de-clutter your mind of unnecessary thoughts and ideas.

5. Organize Your Stuff

What the eyes sees and the body experiences are all processed by the mind. Aid your mind a little by finding ways to better organize your stuff. From your work desk, the kitchen cupboard or maybe your closet. Make it easy for the mind to process information answering the common question, “where to find what?”

People wonder why organized people have higher potential for success. Well I’d like to think its simply because they reduce stress, worries and unnecessary mental processes by keeping their stuff organized.

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6. Take Regular Breaks

The mind can only function for so long. Just like any thinking machine, it requires regular reboot. When at work enjoy your breaks and do something that refreshes your mind. And never, ever skip a break, you need it!

I teach a technique that effectively reduces mental strain. It is highly effective and self-applicable. You can try doing it during breaks at work or when you feel like tension builds up. You may download the introduction to this process here. (download still under construction - come back soon!)

7. Sleep Is a Necessity

Scientists recommend 7 hours of sleep daily for all adults. They are not kidding when you they recommend. Your body tissues including your brain tissues require sleep in order to remain healthy. When your body says its time, go with it and avoid doing anything just to prolong your waking hours to work.

There has been too many things told about how sleep makes you young and how it helps keep the mind healthy. Maybe it is about time to believe. If you have sleeping problems, then that is another case and you can easily get rid of that if you work on memories or thoughts that contributes to the disorder.

I have helped many people overcome sleeping disorders. I do this by uprooting the imprints in their subconscious where the issue resides. You too can have a goodnight sleep, click here find out.

Bringing It All Together

Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. If you would like to agree, your mental health is actually a great influencer of both your wellness or your illness. An organized mind will help you achieve more in life and narrow the chances of getting stressed over things that is usually under your control.

I advocate in a stress-free living. Feel free to reach me if you are under high amounts of stress and do not know how to do it. I have a free 30 minute session that unlocks the key points on how you can live healthier and happier. Please refer below.

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