7 Misguided Beliefs That Blocks Peace of Mind

I have strongly agreed that health and wealth rushes into your life when you have peace of mind. Many of us struggle to find peace of mind, particularly those who are caught up with work and personal life issues.

Most of the time, what distorts our reality and blocks peace of mind are misguided beliefs that we cling onto. Beliefs that may have seem to be an integral part of our identity making it hard to let go.

It is the precursor of feeling overwhelmed, highly stressed and where our frustrations are based from.

The following are the most common:

1. Money as The Source of Happiness

We cannot deny the fact that a steady and abundant stream of money can provide a high level of ease in many aspects of living. As we decorate our lives with material possessions, we often get trapped in the idea that it is the source of happiness. In holding on to these types of beliefs we are heading down to ultimately feel frustrated most of the time.


Because we train our minds to the idea that money, as well as our material possessions, are permanent, that is why we strive for preservation. Life teaches otherwise, that is why anything that seems to attack the idea of preservation automatically results to negative emotions.

The same fact holds true as we strive to earn more by devoting all our time to the process of wealth creation. I have heard many people talk about their lives wasted in the idea that earning more money will make them happier but only resulted to spending all their earnings on illnesses caused by stress.

Money holds many and varied beliefs across cultures and nations. But ultimately, it cannot be the source of happiness. Money cannot even provide the sense of high security that we all crave for. It can however make our lives easier.

The solution to this dilemma is to change what money means to you from deep within your mind. Change your mindsets in relation to money, create wealth without negative ideas attached to it, free from the idea that you need it to be happy. When you do, you will discover more of it flowing into your life.

2. Fear of Failure

There is no such thing as failure. Peace of mind will never be achieved if you fear even a tiny bit in making mistakes. For you see, fear of failure is very limiting. And you are guaranteed that when you limit yourself in any idea that is aligned in fulfilment of your life purpose and inner goals, it will haunt you.

For example, a bad memory of failure from early life caused you to fear social interactions. You may have grown up only dreaming of one day to be more socially active, you know for yourself that you are missing tons of opportunities to grow in your career or personal life, but fear keeps you isolated.

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Making mistakes is inevitable, for our entire lives is about learning. Our perception about failure and making mistakes however creates the difference.

If you have failed in achieving your goals, do not allow your mistakes take over. Instead learn from them. Dream big and practice the idea of learning from your mistakes all the time. Put the feeling of defeat at the backburner and focus on how you can avoid it as you create your tomorrow.

Seriously, we create the reality of success and failure, you just need to train your mind to focus more on success and not the opposite.

3. Faking It Will Never Result to Peace of Mind

Faking a smile when you feel negatively will never bring you peace of mind. You see our subconscious programming is hardly fooled. Besides, you are not fooling anybody else besides yourself.

Confront your inner demons such as negative emotions properly and bravely. You will discover that they are produced primarily by negative or unpleasant memories that fuels negative beliefs.

You need to understand that emotions do not go away simply because you hide it. The mind does not work that way. Emotions need to be diffused or resolved and the only way to do that is to map its source.

For example, feelings of frustration. You cannot be feeling frustrated all the time over a particular subject without any memory that is the basis of “WHY?”

Any response that we make towards our environment / experience needs to be in reference to something we hold within our minds, otherwise a reaction is hardly going to form.

What you can do is locate the memory causing the negative feeling and then collapse the mental structure it supports. Easier said than done. How? Click here.

4. Life Is a Competition

Sadly, this misguided belief is among the craziest idea that most people live with. No wonder social media reached global popularity. If you take a closer look at what is going on, most people love to document how awesome their lives are and published openly for everyone to see.

Alright, my social media example may be tad too extreme to be readily accepted by people. I apologize in advance.

We are not here to compete with anybody else. If our mindsets are focused on competition we immediately destroy our connection with our higher purpose and open the gates of bad emotions to stream through every experience life offers us.

Peace of mind is never in the idea of competition.

Your progress is measured by your fulfilment in achieving your goals contributing to your life purpose. It is hardly measured in comparison to other people. When you do, you will be poorly rewarded by mediocre experiences and false happiness.

5. Holding on to Unpleasant Memories

Obviously, I am all about memories. It is what this blog is all about and the essence of what I do as a life coach. Memories are the basis of how we perceive existence.

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Memories are the creators of our very own reality, that which makes it different to another individual.

Unpleasant memories create our fears, anger, hate, and many other negative emotions that equally produce bad behavior.

Our mental biases may otherwise convince us that we are functioning based on what is real and acceptable. But this isn’t so. Unpleasant memories distort genuine reality it makes us live within delusion in hopes of self-preservation, to be free from pain, frustration and others.

In reality, we are just making more of it as we continue to reward significance over unpleasant memories.

Often most us think deeply and create our futures based on unpleasant memories of the past. Fear sets in, and limiting beliefs begin to take over our minds. We then function in limits set forth by something that does not exist.

To make it even easier to understand, please always remember that the past is nonexistent, unless we actively play it in our minds. Unpleasant memories are powerful, but it’s power resides only upon the significance we give it.

6. Emotional Expression is a Sign of Weakness

No! Emotional expression is not a sign of weakness.

This misguided belief is perhaps based upon the idea that how we express ourselves, especially our frustrations must fit into a set of ideas by various cultures.

Many of us are very uncomfortable in expressing ourselves. The fear of being judged by others and misunderstood are on top of our awareness, causing us to hide and fake our responses, thinking that in doing so, we can achieve peace of mind.

You create more mental and emotional blocks when you do not express your emotions. Expression is a way of letting go, speaking to someone you trust about your anger and frustrations is a quick fix to letting go.

7. My Being Has to Be Validated

We individually exist as we are because we are expressions of love. Our existence does not have to be validated by anything, whether it is by a successful marriage, soaring success or multiple digits in your bank account.

You do not need to be anyone else besides yourself. All you need to do is to fulfill your intelligently defined life purpose, seek ways to be in alignment all the time and you are guaranteed peace of mind.

When you have learned to accept yourself for who you are, as you are without the need for an ounce of approval, you are free, happy, abundant and at peace!

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